Treating traumatic oral injuries in Augusta, GA

Augusta Endodontic Center in Augusta, GA offers a variety of advanced services, including treatment of traumatic oral injuries. Many people believe that there is no way to save a tooth that has been dislodged from its socket. However, if you see a dentist or endodontist promptly, it may be possible to position and stabilize the tooth, facilitating reattachment.

What to do if your tooth is knocked out

The most important thing you need to know is that the window of opportunity for reattaching a tooth is small. You will need to see a dentist or endodontist immediately. Additionally, you need to handle the tooth with care. Do not touch any tissue that remains attached to the tooth. You will need to keep the tooth moist until you get to our office. There are several ways to do this without harming the tooth:

  • Gently place the tooth back in its socket (this is best, but do not use force if the tooth will not easily slide into place)
  • Keep the tooth inside your mouth, between the gums and your cheek
  • Place the tooth in a clean container with milk
  • Place the tooth in a clean container with water (add a tiny amount of salt)

How a dislodged tooth is treated

The first thing we will do is return the tooth to its ideal position as soon as possible and stabilize it to keep it in place during healing. We will also evaluate the condition of the dental pulp. If the tooth was completely knocked out of its socket, then the pulp was surely damaged. However, if the tooth was only partially dislodged, there is a chance the pulp was not harmed.

If the dental pulp was damaged, then a root canal procedure will be necessary. We usually begin the procedure within a few weeks. Initially, the inside of the tooth is treated with a medication such as calcium hydroxide. Eventually, once the tooth is stable enough, the chambers and root canals will be restored with a permanent filling material. Once that is complete, your dentist will add a porcelain crown or similar restoration to restore and protect the tooth.

Call us right away

If you have a dislodged tooth, time is of the essence. Call us at (706) 800-9118 immediately.