Advanced technology for premier dental care in Augusta, GA

Augusta Endodontic Centerin Augusta, GA is known for providing top quality treatment, quickly and comfortably. We believe that our patients deserve the best, and we provide just that. In order to accomplish that goal, we have equipped our office with the latest dental technology, which we regularly upgrade.

Cone Beam CT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

In keeping with our dedication to excellence, we regularly invest in new dental technology. Our office is the first in the region to use Carestream  96003D, which is one of the most advanced digital imaging systems available. It provides a comprehensive view of the treatment area with detailed three-dimensional images, which are immediately available to our endodontists. With targeted scanning it minimizes the area of exposure for safe and comfortable treatment.

The benefits of this system include:

  • High resolution imaging for precise diagnostics and treatment planning’
  • Area-specific scanning for reduced radiation
  • Improved diagnostics facilitates efficiency, which saves you time and money
  • Comfortable and convenient imaging process

Digital x-rays (digital radiography)

Digital x-ray technology is a vast improvement over the traditional film-based method. Our cutting-edge system includes the highest quality imaging sensor that is currently available, for unprecedented precision.

The benefits of our digital radiology system include:

  • Reduced radiation for safer diagnostics
  • Imaging process is quick and comfortable
  • Images can easily be emailed to insurance providers and consulting dental professionals
  • Green technology eliminates the need for harmful processing chemicals
  • Ergonomically shaped, small sensors for ultimate patient comfort

3D Dynamic Navigation Technology

The X-Nav is a dynamic Navigation system that works in tandem with the cone beam system enabling an interactive turn-by-turn  guidance negotiating calcified canals.  It was developed for precision implant placement and now been an adapted for non surgical root canal treatment.

EMR (electronic medical records)

In addition to advanced clinical equipment, we have invested in a state-of-the-art record management system. The benefits include:

  • Entirely digital records with top quality security for utmost confidentiality
  • All files are safely stored on our ultra-secure server
  • Eco friendly paperless office system
  • Digital files are easily transferred to you or your insurance provider, at your request

Enjoy the benefits of progressive dentistry

When you choose Augusta Endodontic Center, you are making a choice for quality. We combine the latest in advanced technology with old-fashioned principles of human compassion and customer service. If you would like to experience this winning combination for yourself, call us at (706) 800-9118 and schedule your consultation.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh, Augusta Endodontic Center

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh has over 20 years of experience in dentistry. An alumnus of the Medical College of Georgia’s Schools of Dentistry and Allied Health and Kennesaw State University, he practiced as a General Dentist for four years before specializing in endodontics. He founded Augusta Endodontic Center to fulfill the endodontic needs of patients in the area.

Dr. Ngoh is a member of the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association, Christian Medical and Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, and Augusta Dental Society. He is a Faculty Member of the Georgia Regents University, College of Dental Medicine and has contributed to many research projects and journals. His efforts have been recognized with many awards and being voted as one of Augusta‘s Top Dentists by the Augusta Magazine.