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Augusta Endodontic Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews.

Our Latest Patient Testimonial

From the moment I walked into this office it was amazing! The staff treated me like I was their only patient. They remembered my name and details I shared as far as I mentioned my grandson was coming and she even remembered that detail... those little things mean a lot! I have nothing but praise for Dr. Ngoh! Very thorough, compassionate and took into consideration the back problem I have and helped all he could while working on my teeth. His nurse Bria was so calming and the office itself just took away any fears I had. Thank you all for making one of the scariest times in my life be one of the best. I would return and have already recommended them to two other friends.

- Shannon R

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Amazing! From the front desk service all the way to Dr. Ngoh! I'm a professional development trainer at a local hospital, so I understand leadership, management, and customer service very well. Dr. Ngoh's office is the best I've ever seen. This was an incredible experience. The root canal we painless. Dr. Ngoh and his staff were professional and reassuring through the whole process. The office is gorgeous and clean. Even the restroom is better than a five-star hotel—no exaggeration. If you need a root canal, this is the place to be.

- Marvin P

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I would recommend Dr. Ngoh and the clinic to everyone. It's so clean and comfortable. Not to mention the state-of-the-art technology. I was very happy with my entire experience and with my end result. They were also fast and efficient. The amenities are a bonus. I can't say enough good things!

- Ashley M

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Everyone here is so lovely! I hate that this is the type of establishment that you really don't want to return to (I got a root canal!), but I would go back here in an instant, if it was needed. Just as someone else mentioned, it is like a spa! The environment is so relaxing, you are offered refreshments, blankets, anything you need to make your experience more comfortable. Dr. Ngoh is very passionate about what he does. He was kind enough to call me after my initial evaluation to make sure I understood why I needed a root canal ( I was a bit upset that I received this news). His explanation and understanding made me better understand everything. On top of all this, this is a place of God and I love that! God bless everyone at Augusta Endo 🙂

- Megan C

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

The service was beyond exceptional and I would recommend Dr. NGOs to everyone!

- Claudia O

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I would recommend these services.

- Marilyn B

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

When you walk in you feel great by the way the staff treat you . Dr Ngoh is different in his own way and he knows he job. I won't hesitate to refer any one because I feel confident

- Amie R

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

This office did a great job!

- Luke S

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Upon walking in the door, I was treated with the upmost respect, and my comfort was definitely, their focus during my treatment.

Dr. Brian Martin

Dr. Ngoh is great and uses state of the art equipment. I feel very relaxed there.

Stephen Henry

Who would have thought a visit for a root canal could be so pleasant! Dr. Ngoh’s office is like a 5-star spa experience!

Dr. Faye Hargrove

Have you ever met someone for the first time and after departing his or her company feel like you have an old friend? This is how I feel about Dr. Ngoh, his personality and strong beliefs about life and its many blessings made me realize just how special this office visit was…

Derve Tyler

It didn’t take long and the best part is that it was completely painless!!! I have to say this is one of the best visits to the dentist I have ever had. The setting is also very tranquil and professional…

Quinton Nixon

Dr. Ngoh uses a Comfort Control Syringe which made the shots pain free his office was the dental version of the Ritz Carlton!!!

Shannon Jenkins

…A root canal, which literally frightened me. This is where Dr. Ngoh came into the picture. He got me in within 2 days of my initial visit. He gave me oral sedation and I didn’t feel a thing and nothing even hurt afterwards. That was a major surprise!

Commissioner Alvin Mason

Dr. Ngoh made dreaded root canals a breeze. I was nervous (because of the horror stories you hear) and I didn’t feel a bit of pain after he got started!

Brittany Cliatt Wallace

I felt like I had a day at the spa and not in the dentist office!!

Alison Bayham

I was terrified of the thought of being worked on being in so much pain. Dr. Ngoh and his staff ensured that I was completely relaxed and sedated and less than 3 hours later, I left their office feeling like I had a whole new lease on life.

Mona LaFontaine

Entered shaking… Left with a smile. Easiest root canal ever! Professional staff eased my fear and renewed my faith in pain-free endodontics.

Ginny Terry

The last thing I wanted to hear was, “you need a root canal.” When Dr. Ngoh informed me that a root canal was necessary, I thought I would be in constant pain. To my surprise, the procedure was painless. In fact, I felt so good I left his office and went to play a round of golf.

Rev. Melvin Lowry