Meet Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh, a specialized endodontist at Augusta Endodontic Center

Meet Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh, a specialized endodontist at Augusta Endodontic Center.
Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh is a trained endodontist who loves to help patients save their teeth through root canal therapy and other treatments. Watch this video to understand his background, why he became an endodontist, and why he enjoys his job so much.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh: I am Dr. Ngoh, originally from Cameroon, West Coast Africa, I came over here to go to school to get a degree in dentistry, and I did that after my dental degree. I chose to now specialize in endodontics. And after my specialty training, I decided to stay here in Augusta so I can serve the people of Augusta. When I told my mom that I was going to go in dentistry, she laughed at me and said, “Why would you want to go in dentistry? Because there’s no need.” I had a chance to study medicine. I did not like the hospital setting, but I saw there was a dentist that I shadowed and he really inspired me. And because of that, I decided to take on dentistry.

After four years of dental school, I went into endodontics. And this is a very unique specialty where you have to spend two or three years of advanced training to enable you to become an endodontist. And during that advanced training, you do more complex cases. You use advanced technology. Even beyond that, we have extra training in doing surgery, we have extra training in doing sedation, to do cases that really the general dentist cannot do.

At Augusta Endodontic Center, we have very unique services that we provide. The first service that we provide is just saving teeth through root canals. Patients are out there who are so scared of having treatment. Now we can provide that treatment in a comfortable and relaxing environment using sedation. But we have some of the best advanced technology here and that we can use to diagnose teeth problems or have issues that patients would have that we can diagnose these problems using advanced technology.

I enjoy what I do here in the office, doing root canals and treating patients, but I also enjoy my time away from the office. And that time I spend with my friends and family and we play golf. I have a passion for golf. I enjoy playing golf. And I also enjoy the fact that I can now go on mission trips and sometimes you’re the first dentist that they have ever seen in their lives. And it’s a way of me taking care of their dental needs. I love to do that. And when we started this practice, we had one mindset, and that is to make a difference. To make a difference amongst ourselves, make a difference for our patients and also in the community. If you look at the name of the practice, it doesn’t have my name on it because it is a team practice and we as a team, we now have this goal of helping patients to make a difference in their lives.

Dr. Emmanuel C. Ngoh

Dr. Emmanuel C. Ngoh has been serving the dental needs of patients in the greater Augusta area, and in other pockets of the world through his mission outreach, for over 20 years. Between his dental school years and returning to academia to earn his Endodontic Specialty Certification, Dr. Ngoh was in private practice as a General Dentist for 4 years. As the founder of Augusta Endodontic Center, he feels blessed by the opportunity to care for the Endodontic needs of patients in the greater Augusta area.

Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry
Endodontic Specialty Certification – 2000
Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) – 1994

Kennesaw State University
Medical College of Georgia’s School of Allied Health
Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene (B.S.) – 1990


  • Faculty member at the Georgia Regents University, College of Dental Medicine
  • Many special awards and recognition for his excellence in the field of dentistry
  • Dental research efforts and published in many dental journals
  • Georgia Dental Association Community Service Award 2012
  • Augusta Magazine, voted to Augusta‘s Top Dentists in 2012
  • Dental Hygiene Distinguished Alumnus Award from Georgia Regents University in 2013
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Alumni Association at the Dental College of Georgia in 2020


Through his faith, Dr. Ngoh is moved to serve and give back to those less fortunate through short-term mission trips around the world. He has taken and leads trips to Haiti, Trinidad, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cameroon, Peru and Ecuador.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh is originally from Cameroon, Africa. He is happily married to Catherine and they have 3 sons.