Solutions for overcoming dental anxiety in Augusta, GA

Does the idea of having a root canal procedure or other endodontic treatment make you nervous, or even fearful? Do not worry. We understand, and we are here to help. Here at Augusta Endodontic Center in Augusta, GA we combine comfort technology, gentle techniques, and human compassion to help patients overcome dental fear and anxiety.

You are not alone

Dental anxiety is a common problem, affecting an estimated 75 percent of the population. For about 20 percent of people, it is severe enough to cause them to avoid unnecessary dental treatment. We understand that getting over dental anxiety is a challenging process, and we want you to know that we are here for you. Our top priority is making sure that you feel safe and comfortable.

Learning how to deal with dental anxiety

Unfortunately, there is no instant solution. However, with the right team on your side it is possible to reduce your stress and receive the treatment that you need. The first step is communication. Although we watch for signs of dental anxiety in our patients, it is best if you let us know about the issue. Do not hesitate to ask about the details of a procedure, potential risks, or anything else that is worrying you. Often, honest, and accurate information can ease the stress. You can feel confident knowing that we will not judge you, and we will not pressure you to proceed with a treatment plan before you feel ready.

Revive dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment

The team at Augusta Endodontic Center is committed to ensuring that you feel comfortable, whatever your level of anxiety may be. We take steps to help you relax, including:

  • Proving noise-canceling headphones to replace the sounds of a dental office with music
  • Aquariums create a soothing atmosphere
  • Warm blankets and ergonomic chairs to keep you comfortable
  • Dental-vibe technology to provide painless anesthetic injections
  • Oral sedation is available to take the stress out of dental visits

Discover a different kind of dental experience

Please give us the opportunity to help you. Give us a call at (706) 800-9118 and schedule your appointment today.

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh, Augusta Endodontic Center

Dr. Emmanuel Ngoh has over 20 years of experience in dentistry. An alumnus of the Medical College of Georgia’s Schools of Dentistry and Allied Health and Kennesaw State University, he practiced as a General Dentist for four years before specializing in endodontics. He founded Augusta Endodontic Center to fulfill the endodontic needs of patients in the area.

Dr. Ngoh is a member of the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association, Christian Medical and Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, and Augusta Dental Society. He is a Faculty Member of the Georgia Regents University, College of Dental Medicine and has contributed to many research projects and journals. His efforts have been recognized with many awards and being voted as one of Augusta‘s Top Dentists by the Augusta Magazine.