Treatment options to repair cracked teeth in Augusta, GA

At our Augusta, GA practice, we strive to restore your oral health and avoid tooth extraction whenever possible. Patients often ask if cracked teeth can be saved. The answer depends on the nature and severity of the damage. In many cases, we can repair cracked teeth with appropriate endodontic procedures.

Symptoms of cracked teeth

Some types of tooth damage are obvious. For example, you would probably know if a piece of a tooth is broken off, or if you have a chipped front tooth. However, a crack or fracture might not be visible without an x-ray. You may experience a range if symptoms, such as temperature sensitivity, pain when you bite down, or pain when you release biting pressure.

Early diagnosis of cracked teeth can be challenging because the symptoms can be inconsistent. The pain might come and go. Without treatment, the dental pulp typically becomes irritated, inflamed, and possibly infected. Eventually, the pain becomes constant, and the infection may spread to tissues surrounding the tooth.

Types of cracked teeth

The symptoms and treatment recommendations depend on the type of crack or fracture present in a tooth. The most common types include:

  • Craze lines – These superficial cracks in the outer enamel generally do not pose a risk.
  • Fractured cusp – This is a crack in the upper part of a tooth, which usually does not damage the pulp. In most cases, it can be repaired with a dental crown.
  • Treatable vertical crack – When the damage extends downward toward the tooth root, it is likely to harm the dental pulp. This type of crack usually requires a root canal treatment, followed by a dental crown to restore the tooth.

Relieve tooth pain and stop cracks in their tracks: Talk to an endodontist today!

Relieve tooth pain and stop cracks in their tracks: Talk to an endodontist today!
Teeth are strong, but can still get cracked and damaged. Pain and sensitivity are signs of a cracked tooth. Watch the video to learn about the tooth structure, how it can get damaged, and how an endodontist can tackle this damage with root canal therapy. Dial (706) 800-9118 to learn more

  • Root fracture – A small crack or fracture that begins in the tooth root may be painless or have minimal symptoms in the early stages. Unfortunately, this type of damage often goes undiagnosed until infection or further damage occurs. Depending on the circumstances, the tooth may be savable with endodontic surgery.
  • Split tooth – This describes a tooth that is severely cracked, dividing it into distinct segments. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save the entire tooth. In some cases, a portion of the tooth may be saved. A split tooth usually begins with a smaller fracture that was not treated.

Is your cracked tooth savable?

The only way to determine if a tooth can be saved, and what treatment may be needed, it with a comprehensive evaluation. Call Augusta Endodontic Center at (706) 800-9118 to arrange an appointment.